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About the Group
About The Group

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What is the Cancer Support Group?

 We are a group of people who ourselves have been touched by Cancer, either through being diagnosed with Cancer or through caring for loved ones on the journey.

The Hawkesbury Cancer Support Group feels that there is a listening skill that people who have shared this experience have for each other that is special and unique.

“ It’s good to talk to people in the same boat.”
– Brian, group member

Why Join?

The Hawkesbury Cancer Support Group can connect you with others who are going through a similar experience. People who join can:

•     connect with people who are in a similar situation
•     provide opportunities to give and receive support
•     enable people to share experiences and information
•     create a space to talk freely
•     allow people to share tips tools and strategies

"This is the first time I have spoken with someone with my type of cancer.”
– Peter, group member

What we are about?

We believe that only people who have experienced cancer personally or as a carer can really hear what you are saying. It’s more that listening, it’s hearing.

Come along and share the road together:
•     If you are concerned about what is ahead
•     If you are apprehensive about treatments
•     If you are coping well but want to contribute to others
•     If you are a survivor or a loved one of a cancer patient

We offer monthly meetings by people who understand and care and know how to listen. We also offer a library of resources to help with the maze that we sometimes find ourselves in, as well as some occasional guest speakers.

Light refreshments are available at our meetings.

Finding this group was like walking through a door into the sunshine.”
– Marj*, group member

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